Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Blue Moon


Brahma Chopp

Brahma Malzbier

Bud Lite

Coors Lite


High Noon

Miller Lite

Sam Adams Seasonal

Truly Lemonade

Wachusett Ale Blueberry

White Claw

House Cocktails

House Margarita $9

Served on the rocks with Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, 

Triple Sec and our sour mix


Tropical Margarita $8

Tequila, Simple syrup & Lime

Available in

Strawberry, Passionfruit, Mango & Coconut


Long Island Iced Tea $9

Ketel One Vodka,  White Rum,

Tequila, Gin, Triple Sec, & Cola


Cinnamon Toast Rumchata $8

Creamy Rumchata Liquor, Fireball Whiskey & Vodka

Specialty Cocktails

Aperol Spritz $10

Gorgeous, golden-orange drink, with Aperol, 

bubbly La Marca Prosecco

& finished off with club soda


Boulevardier $10

Bulleit Bourbon, Campari

& Vermouth served on the rocks


Caipirinha $10

Brazil's national cocktail, 

made with fresh lime, sugar & Cachaca


Dolcezza D'ast $10

Our House Honey vodka, Sweet lavender syrup 

& La Marca Prosecco


Di Amore Margarita $10

Classic Margarita, but with a twist!

Hornitos 100% Agave tequila,

orange juice, Amaretto Di Amore & fresh lime


Gorgo | Pinot Grigio |12.5% ABV | Veneto, Italy

Quinta Do Rio Grande White | 10% ABV | Serra Gaucha, Brazil

Sutter Home Winery | Chardonnay | 13% ABV | California

Sutter Home Winery | Pinot Grigio | 13% ABV | California

Barbera D'Alba | 14.3 ABV | Italy

Sutter Home Winery | Cabernet Sauvignon | 13% ABV | California 

Sutter Home Winery | Merlot | 13% ABV | California

Quinta Do Rio Grande Red | 10% ABV | Serra Gaucha, Brazil